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SBSettings Toggles In this tutorial, I will help you getting started with SBSettings Toggles, using Theos. Writing SBSettings Toggles is actually a really easy thing to do. SBSettings Toggles only have a handful of functions you must implement. The most trivial SBSettings Toggles don’t need any complex hooking, so teaching how to write them is not hard either. More complex SBSettings Toggles, like you may expect, need to either have some hooking or modify some system plists. If you have

An updated version of this tutorial, for iOS 7 and above, can be found on my personal website. Welcome to my second tutorial on iOS Open Development! In this tutorial, I will give you the first hand to get started with MobileSubstrate tweaks. If you are here, you should already know what MobileSubstrate is and why you would want to write tweaks for it, so I’m not going to get into too many details about MobileSubstrate and how it works.

The Notification Center is probably one of the most exciting features added in iOS 5.0. You have easy access to notifications sent by all sort of apps. You also have quick access to the weather and even stock market info. But why keep it there? When iOS 5.0 was released, the jailbreak community started working on tools that allow developers to extend the notification center widget’s capabilities to a whole new level. So why only show info on the weather