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Hello everyone, this article is a continuation to our previous post on How to use Twitter API in iOS 5 : Introduction. As mentioned earlier, we’ll now learn the way of tweeting text & image. Please check the previous post in case you have missed it. It would help you find differences in the methodology. In this part, we are going to tweet with text & image using the Twitter API but we shall not be using TWTweetSheetViewController (which we were using it

In this, my latest article on rich text editing, I will detail the many choices available to developers when planning to create a rich text editor. From UIWebView to UITextView and Core Text, all the latest techniques are here to give you a first look into the (up until recently) mysterious world of rich text editing. This post is part the iOS 5 Rich Text Editing Series If you would like to check them here, please click any of the

For my first post as a new contributing member to the iOS-Blog, I’d like to take the time to talk about the importance of standard UI elements when developing an iOS application. More often than not, I think many new iOS developers think big. What do I mean by this? I mean that when thinking about their first application and its design, they tend to think too large in scope before they have honed any of their skills. I’m not

You’ve been working on your new app for months.  You have created your beta build and send the app out to your army of beta testers.  Now that you have people playing your app how do you know how they are interacting with it?  You could spend money and do focus group testing – gather a bunch of people at one place and actually look over their shoulder while they play.  Seems kind of intrusive to me, but you need

In iOS 4.0 Apple introduced the iAd framework, making it possible for iOS developers to include ads in their apps, and thereby earning revenue as the app users view or interact with the ads. But iAd isn’t available in all countries. At this time the iAd network is only available in: The U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan. UPDATE Due to the fact that the iAD Network is closing down, check out our If your primary customer base

As promised I have gone through all the tutorials including the bonus code and some of the requests in the comments to put together a Xcode Project of the Rich Text Editing series. This tutorial is part of a series: Rich Text Editing : A Simple Start (Part 1) Rich Text Editing : Validation (Part 2) Rich Text Editing : Highlighting and UIMenuController (Part 3) Rich Text Editing : Fonts (Part 4) Rich Text Editing : Undo and Redo (Part