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Andrés Ibañez
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Andrés Ibañez, better known as Andy Ibanez, is a college student from La Paz, Bolivia. He’s been programming for over five years, and spends the majority of his free time buried in code, stopping long enough to breathe and eat, and not much else. More than anything, Andy prefers to develop applications and tweaks for mobile devices. He has over a year of experience writing iPhone apps and really enjoys doing so. He also does some work with the Android OS, but usually only because it’s a requirement for university homework. When Andy isn’t programming, he’s usually either playing RPGs or listening to his massive collection of music, which largely consists of Metal bands. If none of that is the case, he spends the remainder of his time chatting online with his friends, but he’s always busy with something, and always searching for new ideas. If he could dedicate even a fraction of the time on his other university classes as he does on programming, we’d probably have humans inhabiting Mars by now. (Best short biography ever credits go to Nicholas T. Jones. Thanks Nick!)


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