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When designing and developing apps for iOS, you may find that most of the time you are doing something such as

[UIFont systemFontOfSize:13.0f]

But you don’t have to! iOS comes with a huge list of fonts that can be easily included in your application with ease to make your apps look even nicer than before.

One way to check the list of fonts, is to open up Interface Builder and check out the list of fonts from the inspector for a UILabel, but an easier way is to visit This website not only lists the fonts and shows their style, but it also lists the text you must enter when setting your font programmatically.

It then becomes as easy as writing:

lbl.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:13.0f];


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Written by:

Dominic Wroblewski started off as a developer early on in high school, creating simple applications as fun projects. Through time, he developed applications for the iPhone and iPad for both himself and for his clients. Currently he is co-director of his own company TerraCoding Ltd and works as a freelance developer for a number of clients and start-ups. He is moving into his final year as a Masters Computer Science student at the University of Sheffield.