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In this watchOS 2 Tutorial I am going to show you how to check if there is a connection between your iOS Application and your watchOS. We will do this by checking if each of the devices can receive signals from eachother using the methods: sessionWatchStateDidChange(_:) & sessionReachabilityDidChange(_:) which are found in the WatchConnectivity framework.

In this Swift tutorial I hope to make you familiar with the Swift guard statement. At first, when you look at the syntax you feel like it might be a little useless. It looks just like a confusing alternative to using Optional Binding or the if / if-else statements. I hope to persuade you otherwise. What is guard? Ok, so just like an if-statement in Swift, the guard statement executes based on a Boolean Value of expression. However, unlike the

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create an Editable UITextField inside a UIAlertController. I will do this by guiding you through the process of creating an UIAlertController with editable text fields for the user to enter a username and pasword and then display that in the console log. Create the app The first thing we need to do is create a new Single View Application: Enter these values into the dialogue that opens up: Prodact

One of the nice additions to the XCode 6.3 release was the introduction of a feature in Swift Playgrounds that might not be immediately obvious to you but is immensely useful. You can now easily include code in separate files. This means you can test small snippets or entire custom classes and then use that code file directly in your projects, very cool for testing and development without the need to create an entire application project. Let’s give it a