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iOS 5 Rich Text Editing

Say hello to the awesome seven part series of iOS Rich Text Editing. Covering topics such as: Fonts, Inserting images, Highlighting and UIMenuController, Validation and more exciting features. This introduction is short and sweet because the posts speak for themselves, check them out and enjoy. Remember: sharing is caring…

This tutorial requires a basic understanding of Objective-C; If you need to learn the basics of Objective-C, We have a great Beginners Guide to Objective-C Tutorial, check it out.

So, as you may have seen already Josh Garnham has posted seven wonderful posts on the iOS 5 Feature: Rich Text Editing. To make it easier for you all we have compiled them all into one list so you only have to bookmark one link. Enjoy them.

Rich Text Editing : A Simple Start (Part 1)

Rich Text Editing : Validation (Part 2)

Rich Text Editing : Highlighting and UIMenuController (Part 3)

Rich Text Editing : Fonts (Part 4)

Rich Text Editing : Undo and Redo (Part 5)

Rich Text Editing : Inserting Images (Part 6)

Rich Text Editing : Draggable Images (Part 7)

Bonus: Rich Text Editing: Sample Project

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Written by:

Josh is an indie Mac and iOS Developer with 2 years of experience behind him. You may know him as the developer of Spark for Mac as well as 4Score and 2Code for iOS. He is also a huge Apple lover, a Star Trek fan and active users on both Stack Overflow and Twitter


There are currently: 9 Responses to “iOS 5 Rich Text Editing Series”. Leave your comment!

@Josh Garnham – autocorrection:
Unfortunatly that doesn’t work. I found out this works only for input tag with type text and maybe for textarea (didn’t tried).

Here is documentation

Hi, Thanks a lot for tutorial. Can I have one question? Do you know how to disable spell check, autocapitalize and auto correction?
Thanks in advance, Jendan

    @Jendan In the opening tag for the div try adding a few parameters so that it looks like the following

Hi, your tutorial is really good for me to develop ‘Rich Text Editor’. I have one problem, which is not appear keyboard when I touch the uiwebview on IOS 4.x version. Is this only work for IOS 5.0? Thanks for you really good tutorial!!

This is a wicked series, thank you so much for this ios blog :), huuge thumbs up!

Seriously wicked posts here, thanks :)

Thanks for these great tutorials. Will there be a sample project for all the tutorials?

Nice job 😉